Thursday, July 31, 2014

Semi-Vegetarian Treat

Our neighbor gave me a summer squash.  I don't really know how to cook the kind of squash that's available here so I  tried  this for the first time.  I sliced them  with the skin still on, I just washed it good.  Then I stacked them as shown in the picture at my pie pan.

Here are my other ingredients: 
  • 2 sliced mushrooms,
  • 1 sliced pepper 
  • 5 cherry tomatoes, sliced 
  • scallions
  • basil
  • I used the Gourmet Nut salt, steak seasoning, Nacho Cheddar seasoning, and ground pepper.
  • I also  chopped up one  slice of fried bacon for some added flavoring.  Everything taste good  with bacon right?

  • Add the other veggies in between the squash.  The reason I arranged the squash the way it is on the photos is because you can easily insert the other  cut up veggies in between those squash to infuse the other vegetable's  flavor.
  • Add the greens and cheese on top and drizzle a little bit of olive oil. 
  • When all the ingredients are incorporated, bake it for 30 minutes in a 350 degrees heat.
I know when   the food I cook turned out good when  my husband likes it especially that he doesn't like squash.  He said he love it that way I prepared it.

We ate the semi-vegetarian treat with rice and small piece of grilled  chicken breast.  

14 delicious comments:

betchai said...

thanks for sharing Rose, I love squash, and this sounds easy enough to prepare. Like you, I don't peel the kind of squash here, there are still a lot of nutrients in the skin.

Taty said...

this looks really good!
I would try it too because I would know what to do with squash

Unknown said...

That looks really good woman. I will have to try that. I make my squash like green fried tomatoes. I coat mine in a light seasoned breading and deep fry for a couple minutes, then I put in colander with paper towel or cake pan lined with paper towel and eat them real soon after so they are crunchy. I also slice them up, add some chopped onion, little cooked bacon or bits, tomato. Kind of like what you did but I saute for a bit. I love squash any way it's made. You got to try deep-fried pickles.

Melissa said...

That looks so good! I cook squash all the time in the summer, but I just saute it. Definitely going to try your way this weekend since I have a couple of squash to use up.

Angel said...

Yum! I think when you are a good cook, and know what you like (and Hubby Likes lol) You can prepare anything. The squash looks perfectly tender. I like my squash with a little italian seasoning, and vinaigrette too. I would've loved it this way too!

Krissy Deane said...

I've never made summer squash before but that looks absolutely delicious! Love that it's vegetarian also since I happen to be one. I'll skip on the mushrooms, bacon and grilled chicken though. :)

Tingting R. said...

I agree - anything with bacon is good. This must tastes good.

Rae said...

Wow! I don't like squash either, but this looks amazing!!

Nova said...

wow. you love to experiment your food and it turns out great...

Nichole Arnold said...

That looks so fresh and delicious! I love squash!

Unknown said...

This looks so delicious! I haven't had squash in so long, time to make it again :)

papaleng said...

Squash, I really hate it but my wife does.. Matutuwa yun sa recipe mo.

Unknown said...

That sounds delicious! I think that my family would love it!

Unknown said...

You a lot of cooks sis. I wish I can taste your meals, too!

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