Thursday, May 9, 2013

Comfort and Harmony

One of the many  things that  I miss having a  baby  is the special  bonding that a mom and baby have during   nursing time or breastfeeding.  I breastfed both of my children until they were two years old.  You will probably  raise your eyebrows because that's a very long time but I  enjoyed it as much as my kids enjoyed it.  I believe that  breastfeeding  helped my kids in growing up healthy. 

 I did not know  back then that there is a    nursing pillow that you can buy.  I have recently seen the Mombo from   Comfort & Harmony on Facebook when  I was flipping through  pages.  Mombo is a nursing pillow that will bring you and your baby closer together.  It has a unique Firm2Soft which is designed for better nursing support and positioning.  It also features the soothing vibration for lounging so  you'll have  extra comfort when nursing your baby.

Comfort and Harmony does not only  provide nursing pillows but also  products  such as  swing, bouncers, rockers, seat covers, and more.  You can buy their  products at Toys R Us and Babies R Us.  To get  connected with the company and get updated with their latest  innovations, please follow Comfort & Harmony on Twitter or like their Facebook book through the link I have provided above.  

Here  is a photo of me and my son when he was just a month old.  He is now 6 years old, a healthy and fine young boy.  Sometimes, when I  tell my kids  about our bonding when they were babies, they would always give me hugs and kisses!

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Rhodesia said...

I have no children so You have experienced something in life I never will! Take care Diane

Unknown said...

I breatfed 3 of my children and would not trade the experience for anything. I encouraged all of them to do the same.

jheylo said...

aawww! that's what i've missed too and their movements when they were still in my tummy. Unfortunately, can't have babies anymore.

Mel Cole said...

Nursing pillow are nice to have when you breastfeed your kids. I also breastfed my two boys and I used nursing pillows to support my arm and that my baby will latch properly to my breast. Cute picture you have here sis.

kulasa said...

precious photo memory with your son...I breastfed my babies too but not that long because I had to go to work. Had things been different I too would have breastfed them until two years old like you wonderfully did...glad to know there are products like that which would make breastfeeding more comfortable...a baby nephew often stays at our home these days and is breastfed by his mom, the whole family is crazy about the cute would be great to purchase items for him from the brand you shared! happy moms' month! :) said...

I breastfed my only daughter and that was one of the greatest bonding moment in my mommyhood! The first time we bonded was when my OB-Gyne placed her on top of my chest after delivering her. It was something I can recall very vividly with all the details.

Ria C

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