Friday, June 28, 2013

Local Cuisine

During our   getaway a couple of weeks ago, we  enjoyed  the local cuisine that  Texas has to offer.  We get to enjoy different menus through the complimentary  breakfast and dinner that the hotel  where we stayed at serves. We also went out for dinner  a couple of times  with our friends which was really nice.   Exploring the local cuisine to different places is fun because you get to  taste different kinds of foods.  Every restaurants has their own  signature dish which they call their  own.  

Say for instance if you go to Georgia, you might find one of the  Smyrna Restaurants and see what their specialty is.  Looking at the photo below,   they have quite a good selection of sumptuous  foods. The exterior view of their restaurant reminds me of the  restaurant  that we used to go to in South Korea.  Oh I miss the foods  there, they have this kind of  food that would get you addicted.  At first, you would like "What  is this?" But as you eat it more and more, you will start to love it.  

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