Friday, July 26, 2013

Low-Carb Lifestyle

I don't really  count calorie nor pay attention to the number of carbs that is in my food.  I do however,  pay attention to the portion of the food that I eat.   I do believe that if you  eat the right portion, the less chance of you getting fat.  Of course, you need some exercise  with that in order to   stay fit.  Anyway, I have been  fortunate to have given a chance to try some healthy  foods from different companies.  I would love to try the Low Carb Diet Foods at Low Carb Grocery.  They have many selection to choose from.

Low Carb  Grocery would be  a perfect place for those who watch closely the number of crab intake in their diet.  With these specific  products,  you would be able to track your  carb and  learn  the proper diet that you need to maintain your low carb diet lifestyle.  Are you one of those who  live a low-carb lifestyle?  How do you  track down the amount of carbs  in your food?  Would you mind  sharing it here?  I want to know some tips and  techniques.

5 delicious comments:

CDO Mom said...

Same here. I don't pay attention to the calorie count but only on the amount of food I eat.

Now, I am feeling hungry right now.

Unknown said...

i don't think i can do low carb diet. i'm good with my current diet. lol

Jessica Cassidy said...

This is healthy but sad to say that I do not check the calories :-) but I eat whatever I want to eat :-) This is perfect for my step-daughter who is a health freak :-)

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Uy, I wish there's a low carb grocery din dito!

MaiThreeBoyz said...

Like Peachy, I hope there's also a low carb grocery here. So I can just grab and grab whatever's on the counter, haha.

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