Thursday, August 15, 2013

DeeJay's BBQ Ribs and Grille

Instead of cooking at home, we decided to have dinner at DeeJay's BBQ Ribs and Grille here in our area.  We never  eat there before so we figured to try them out on our special occasion.  DeeJay's is very famous for its BBQed  ribs but we never tried it because it's a bit expensive for our budget.

My first impression when we went inside is "Wow!"  I like their  setting, the ambiance is very relaxing with its tropical theme.  I was however disappointed that  the two receptionist they have in the front desk were not friendly at all.   They never said hi or welcome to us which  I think is not a good thing for a restaurant like this.  They should hire someone that would make their client  feel welcome.

Anyway, despite the  negative vibe that we  received from the  receptionist, we went ahead and ordered our food.  Our server was very friendly so that offset  what we had at the reception area.  I  had their Tiki Tilapia, it was good but I wish that they serve rice for  a side dish.  My husband had  a greek menu (Jyru).  Their steamed veggies  is a bit rubbery but the coleslaw is good.

If I have to rate them in scale of 5, it would be:
Price :  2, very pricey
Food: 3, taste is good but the selection of side dishes are limited.
Ambiance: 4
Customer Service: 3 overall (receptionist is 1 and  server is 4)

I  would take Eat n' Park in a minute over DeeJay's because the former's  price is very  reasonable, customer service is great, and the selection of fresh food is not limited, plus you get a great ambiance  as well.

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Rebecca said...

yummy and what a fun place

Unknown said...

I loved the pictures! It makes it personal. Ambiance is very important along with service. Thanks for the honest review.

Taty said...

with your ratings, definitively not going!
plus customer service makes all the difference for me

MikiHope said...

Price does not always make for a good restaurant as you found out. I have never heard of this place and do not think there is one near me at all. Friendly and courteous service is one of the most important things in a restaurant--

Trendy Cyndie said...

Love how they dressed up the kiddie drink, too

Pinx said...

uh oh! that is not good for their business. i think restaurants should also match their price with their service.

Nova said...

That's nice, going somewhere into a different place to eat is sometimes good. although we tried to save but once in awhile i'm sure won't be that bad.

Marms said...

Yum! Yum! We like bbq...and of course it's fun eating with family.

mum eats said...

it was really quite disappointing that people in this kind of business are unfriendly and cold! hopefully they hire new receptionist to entice you to dine here again. the food looks rather delish! :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I can tell you had a good time, despite a minor setback or two!

Shadowy Sunrise in Paradise

Olga said...

We usually have very high expectations from restos with expensive menus. Sadly, a lot of them don't really measure up.

Unknown said...

Everything looks so good. I haven't had breakfast yet, now I'm starving.

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