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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Light-Weight and Fully-LOaded

I had an Internet interruption the whole day yesterday so it gave me time to  thoroughly clean the house and do other stuff that I  can't do when I am working online.  My husband has been bugging me for months now that we should get a new  vacuum and he is suggesting the BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Vacuum Lift Off Technology as it has  $20 off  through using the promo code POWERGLIDE, plush a free shipping.  I would be happy to get a new vacuum but  I am the type of person that ,  as long as the  product still  works fine, I don't need to replace it.  Although  I agree with him that it's time to replace our old one,  our budget is not  agreeing just yet so I am still  thinking whether to get a new one or not.  

What I like about the new PowerGlide with Lift Off technology is that it is lightweight and fully-loaded.  You can use it pretty much in every part of your house such as stairs, drapes, and those places that are hard to reach.  It has an adjustable  handle for easy use and storage and it  features  a swivel steering for easy maneuvering.  We have two dogs at home so this  would be perfect.  I vacuum our  carpet twice a week and if only I could do it everyday, I would because one of our dogs sheds a lot.  I am grateful that I visit the website  though because  I found some helpful  cleaning tips about Parenting and Pets and they also have tips for parties and entertaining,  and home decor and improvement.  They have so many tips that we could learn from especially those places that we  neglect to clean when we do our home cleaning.  

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Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Wow, this seems to be a lot convenient!

Genefaith Saratorio said...

I've never seen a vacuum cleaner as small and light as Bissell..this is indeed ver convenient to use

Ria Cervantes said...

I am dreaming of a Bissell vacuum sis! As in!!! I haven't seen that brand being sold here in Dubai. Makes me want to buy one in the US but the shipping is my main issue. I'd buy my stuff there and ship all in one go when the house is done. I'd be happy to fill our dream home with appliances bought from the US. :)

Garf said...

My vacuum is Bisell. It does a great job sucking up the dust.

Adin B said...

I love how lighweight it is and easy to carry around the house especially when vacuuming carpeted stairs like we have here in this house. It is a hassle having to lug heavy vacuum cleaner while going through every steps. We could surely use this though.

lencilicious said...

I've been asking my husband to get me a vacuum like that. It would be easier to clean the house with that.

Kaye F said...

Judging on how you describe it, I would love to have one. A light vacuum cleaner will make our work way easier and lighter.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

You know how we don't really use a vacuum cleaner here in the Philippines but this looks like my kind of vacuum cleaner.

jheylo said...

That is something! We have kirbi vacuum and boy it is heavy. I like light weight vacuum.

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