Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vegan Recipes from Gardein

Once you decide to switch from a meat-eating lifestyle to a vegan lifestyle, you must make it through the initial transition period. Foods that you have enjoyed your entire life will suddenly make your list of foods to avoid, and you will start to experiment with foods you may have never tried before. This is a difficult transition to make, but the following tips will help.

Make Meals Simple and Delicious

If your food tastes bad, you won't stick with your new lifestyle. You will have to adjust to new flavors and textures as you adopt the vegan way of life, but there is no reason you cannot create delicious dishes that you love. You can even change up your current recipes to recreate your favorite meals so that they fit within your new lifestyle.

To make this easier, look for frozen foods that you can quickly reheat. There are many products from Gardein and other leading brands that fit the vegan way of life perfectly.

Build a Recipe Collection

Don't try to eat salad everyday or limit yourself to foods you know how to cook. Look for recipes online, in magazines and in cookbooks. You can find some easy vegan recipes from Gardein if you look on their website. Many blogs dedicated to the vegan lifestyle will offer recipes as well.

Tell Your Loved Ones

Everyone who loves you should know that you are adopting the vegan lifestyle. This will stop them from offering you non-vegan foods. It also encourages you to stick with your lifestyle change.

4 delicious comments:

MzBaker said...

I love meat! I could never stop eating it, I a meat and potatoes WO-Man lol

riablahgs said...

I'm really not a vegan and much as I try, I don't think I can. I just like to balance out my meals with lean protein on the side like a chicken/turkey breast or a nice salmon. Any site you can recommend sis that has easy to make recipes?

lencilicious said...

I agree, we must not limit ourselves to the recipes we already know. I have cookbooks and I do check online for new recipes to try.

Olga said...

While I do understand those who have shifted to a vegan lifestyle, I myself won't be happy without meat. Born and raised carnivorous with love for barbequed meat and stews. What we do at home is to eat balanced servings of meat, fruits, vegetables, and grain. :-)

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