Monday, November 18, 2013

Red Bell Pepper

My Burritos love red bell pepper for snacks.  I like how it smells in an omelette.   It is also pretty good when you incorporate it in a vegetable soup.  How about you, how do you prepare red bell pepper?

3 delicious comments:

WE said...

Very colorful, looks interesting...

MzBaker said...

Now that right there is a real beauty! I love the red bell, I also like the yellow and green. I have two pieces left in the fridge of yellow and red. I can't always find them at these little hick grocery stores I have to go to town to find a winn dixie, publix or walmart. I used it in chili, yesterday, sauce for lasagna today, Spicy sweet and sour chicken a few days ago. :) I love'em

riz tomacruz said...

aw! Me and the husband loves it in omelette too - esp with celery, tomatoes, onions and paprika. hayz - it's one of our fave breaky and snack :)
however, the kids, would prefer theirs without it :(

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