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Friday, November 8, 2013

Veteran's Day Cake

A dear friend of ours from a school always gives Veterans a cake during Veteran's Day, my husband included. This special lady is the nicest I know in my children's school. She's the one who make me feel that I am no different, that I belong (if you know what I mean). She's from a rich family, married to a doctor but she is so down to earth which makes her so amazing. Our two kids are in the same age, hence, they're classmates both our eldest and youngest.  

Anyway, here is the cake that she gave us this year.  She gave it a little early because  the kids are off  on Monday, which is the Veteran's day.

My husband  being a sweet tooth, is  so delighted not just with the  sweet treat but  the special thought of thanking him for his service.  That is something that he seldom get.

I just wish that he is off on Veteran's Day though but unfortunately, he has to work.  Oh well, that is life.

10 sumptuous burps..:

Dhadha said...

The Veteran's Day cake looks so yummy! :)

April McGregor said...

That is so sweet of her. the cake looks delicious!

Dhemz said...

that's so nice of her...Greg had to go to work too...:(

Jessica Cassidy said...

The cake looks delish and I bet celebrating the Veteran's Day is more special to you Sis knowing that your husband served our country too :-)

Jennifer Williams said...

What a great cake. I tried to make my hubby a great meal for welcoming him home and to make up for his not being here for Veteran's Day, unfortunately I got distracted and more than doubled the spiciest season that went in it, lol.

nova hedges said...

That is one great cake, it is seldom to see those kind and down to earth people.

Janeane Davis said...

This is a good idea and the cake looks delicious. said...

That's so thoughtful of her!!! Is that chocolate or mocha flavored? Either way, it looks delish!

April McGregor said...

I should make my Father-in-law some cake next Veteran's day.:)

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

That is a cute cake and I'm sure everyone loved it.

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