Tuesday, December 10, 2013

VinoVinti Carbonic Acid Extractor

My husband was telling me about  his co-worker who love attending   wine tasting event with his girlfriend.  He is encouraging my husband for us to go with them sometime, he said that it is so much fun.   It reminds me of  the annual event in  the catholic school in our  area.   Here's a snapshot of my daughter posing in front of the  signage.

Hubby and I  drink wine once in a while when a special occasion calls it.  I use wine  in cooking more than drinking it.  The latest menu that  I cooked  with wine was the pork barbecue.  I made my  own BBQ sauce  with wine and it was delicious.  Below are some of  the photos.

I wonder if my husband's co-worker is aware of  VinoVinti, the carbonic acid extractor.  See, that's the one thing I am not fond of  drinking wine, sometimes you get one that is too acidic.  So glad to see that there is a tool now that you can use to enhance your wine experience.  Maybe, I would love wine  better with the   VinoVinti.  VinoVinti not only extracts the  carbonic acid in the wine but it also improve the flavor.  I would love to give this baby a try, maybe I would appreciate the taste of the wine  more.  

VinoVinti would make a nice gift this holiday season, so if you are still thinking  of what to get to your love ones, if they love wine, this one would be a great choice. I liked VinoVinti on Facebook so that I could get some updates about their  innovative  gadget for wine lovers out there.  Please do like them too.   To find out  the full details about the product, kindly watch the video below.

"Please drink responsibly, and as always, only drink if you are at least 21 years or older".

9 delicious comments:

Dhemz said...

oh, that looks good! buti pa dito d nawawalan nang opps...ehhehhe!

Unknown said...

I rarely drink wine. And I haven't yet found the wine that I like.

mommy Peachy said...

I'm still trying to learn about wines. I think I need VinoVinti

Franc said...

Wine is also a healthy complement for meals. The barbecue looks really delicious.

Ria C said...

My darling would love a wine tasting tour :) I have been planning to take him to some of the fine vineyards in California but each time we plan to visit the US, we always end up in the outlet malls! hahaha... Nice pics sis!

Mel Cole said...

I rarely drink wine too. How neat that there's wine tasting in your place. :)

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Drinking wine and BBQ goes hand in hand indeed - goes well with cheese too! Your daughter looks cute!

Jhady said...

I didn't know there is such thing as acid remover. Maybe somethin to try someday. I drink red wine but kind a stop because of breastfeeding.

Franc said...

Vivo Vinti would really be a great Christmas gift.

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