Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gnocchi #A-Spice-A-Day #12

I don't know if you know Gnocchi but for those who doesn't, it is an Italian dish.  It is a various of thick and  soft pasta made of semolina, flour, egg, cheese, potato, and breadcrumbs.  I don't know how to make Gnocchi but I saw  a ready made  one in a box from the store so I bought one just to try it. We always  see  this dish on  cooking shows so we figured of trying it.  I  cooked it with my homemade  tomato sauce and it was  good.

A Spice A Day #12
January 12, 2014
  • We went to church after our brunch.
  • We visited my father-in-law after the mass.
  • Then we drove in Follansbee to see the house for sale that we see online.  We did not like the location of it.

4 delicious comments:

Rebecca said...

looks delicious glad it turned out so good

Nova said...

oh i don't know that too, it is nice to know something different, and a dish from a different country.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

I love Gnocchi and my husband and I particularly like it fried in Olive Oil or just stick it in the oven and oven fry it sprinkled with a big of olive oil, garlic powder an salt.. it is like a potato substitute for us. Delicious!

jheylo said...

I'm not familiar with that kind of dish, looks good though :) makes me curious and wants to try it.

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