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Friday, January 10, 2014

Polska Kielbasa and Sauerkraut #A-Spice-A-Day #10

Below is the Polska kielbasa that we had  on New Year's. Eating pork and Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) on New Year is a German tradition which they believe  will bring good fortune if eaten on the first meal of the year.  They believe that the meat represent luck while the  greens represents money.  You can also  substitute it with other kind of meat and greens like turnips.  You can check from this page what else I have been looking into online while searching for some recipes.

A Spice A Day #10
January 10, 2014

  • We asked the teachers to excuse the kids after lunch as we have to take them with us in Pittsburgh.
  • My husband renewed his driver's license, got the car registration done.
  • An attempt of fraud was made to our AMEX card, glad they caught it.
  • I had my Oath taking ceremony at 1 pm.  Glad to say I am no longer  an alien, yay!
  • We re-sceheduled my daughter's piano lessons  for tomorrow.
  • She went with the Velegol's to watch the movie, Frozen, again..
  • My husband and son had a boys' night out.

17 sumptuous burps..:

Fernando Lachica said...

Looks yummy but I never taste this kind of food. I saw in one of the foodie site.

Ria C said...

Oh la la sis! I honestly haven't tasted sauerkraut yet. We've seen a lot of that in Munich. Got so curious but never actually bought. I got scared that we might not like the taste.

Ethel said...

This looks so yummy. And I've had some French Onion soup and German Franks before, and I'm sure this dish tastes a bit similar!!!

Daphne Benosa said...

Always wondered what Sauerkraut is. No I know it's just cabbage! Looks delish though :)

nova hedges said...

this looks good, i've never tried this food but would definitely will if i see this on a menu

Leah TravelQuest said...

I love kielbasa sis , i hope you can share your recipe for this it looks yummy . By the way congrats to your citizenship, i will have to apply soon to less burden in the future,

MaryJane Tauyan said...

looks very yummy! haha I wonder what happens to boys night out? haha my daughter started her arts & dance workshop too yesterday and coming back to the place for another session

juliana said...

I used to make kielbasa minus the Sauerkraut a lot. I got the simple recipe from my BIL. The kielbasa is added to sauteed tomatoes (almost liquified), onion, seasoned with cubito and garnished with cilantro. Served with piping white rice, it's awesome! In my husbands family, Sauerkraut is used to garnish frankfurters/hotdogs.

Those were the days. I haven't had them in years. Nakaka-miss.

becca said...

oh my i haven't had this in forever must remember to add this to my menu soon thank you for reminding me

nova hedges said...

the dish looks good, i have never tried it though but willing when i sees one in the resto nearby.

kulasa zen said...

hmmmm looks and sounds yum! I would love to have a taste! :D

Jessica Cassidy said...

I like eating that sausage Sis :-) I buy it a lot when they are on sale :-) This food makes me drool :-)

Ellen Bernardino said...

Interesting food, I wanna try this also could you share with me the recipe?

papaleng said...

First time to hear about this dish but it looks like deli. share ko kay misis ang post mo.

Anne Mary said...

I really visited the page I might try this recipe one of these days. How I wish I have read the first day of the year sigh.

Marie said...

The name is so foreign to me... but looking at the picture... I'm now starving.

Bjorn Bernales said...

Looks yummy!

I've tried Sauerkraut when I was free tasting all the foods that people want to give especially in certain events.

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