Sunday, January 26, 2014

Southern Style Favorites

Ribs, barbecue, and other southern-style favorites are popular among many Americans today, thanks largely to the ever-expansive culinary pursuits of restaurant start-ups all over the country. Although not perceived as an elegant feast, many of these comfort foods have made main-stream popularity through their versatile taste, flavorful aromas, and abundant service sizes. Ribs, one of the most popular foods in American culture, have been seeing an array of interesting new preparation methods in restaurants today. Spicy, sweet, and elegant dishes containing baby back ribs are growing increasingly popular among the most famous chefs in television and culinary establishments.

Ribs have made a come-back in recent years, thanks heavily to the variety of new cooking and preparation techniques exhibited by today's top chefs. Spicy and oriental ribs have slightly deviated from their original southern flair, without compromising taste or origin recognition. This interesting take on ribs combines the east with the west, using traditional Asian ingredients alongside long-standing traditional American barbecue spices. Ribs have also seen many advancements in relation to technology, with more and more customers getting the ability to order their ribs and other comfort favorites online through their computers, phones, and tablets. is just one example of restaurants all across America jumping on the Internet-ordering bandwagon.

Mashed potatoes, another southern favorite often paired with ribs, barbecue, and other meat dishes, are also seeing a makeover in many restaurants. Mashed potatoes infused with spices like turmeric, saffron, and roasted-red pepper sauce are just a few of the interesting and quirky recipes showing up in many barbecue eateries and fine-dining establishments. Utah, along with other surrounding states in the nation, is often on the forefront of these new and interesting barbecue renovations. Its restaurants and chefs are bursting with ideas and interesting takes on the basic food that many Americans subside on regularly.
Pulled pork, another favorite among barbecue fans, is generally considered a main-stay in the hearts (and stomachs) of many diners. Some believe that there is absolutely no variation or deviation that can rival the original recipe. However, many chefs are currently on a mission to take on this challenge. Pulled pork with green olives, red pepper hummus, and sweet potato hamburger buns are just a few of the unique takes on this very popular, traditional barbecue favorite. However, no matter the perspective, most chefs go out of their way not to overtake the barbecue's original taste. 

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Unknown said...

I was first introduced to southern food when I moved to Florida at the age of 13 (I grew up in Montreal). I fell in love with the food there. One of our favorite thing to cook and eat is ribs. I love making my own bbq sauce =)

Tina Cors said...

Wow. I am drooling Sis! Favorite ko ang ribs barbecue..

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