Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Guide to Cooking the Perfect Steak

Everyone loves a good steak. This quality meat is a real treat cooked at home, but sometimes getting the cooking times right can be tricky. You need to take real care of your steak and be cautious when cooking, as an extra few minutes in the pan can cook the steak more than you prefer. In this guide, you’ll learn how to cook the perfect steak; whether you’re simply cooking for yourself, for a partner, or a dinner party. You’re bound to impress everyone! Let’s get started:


Preparing Your Steaks

The preparation of your fillet steak doesn’t just start when you’ve placed them in the pan. You need to start preparing a little while before you plan on cooking them. You should remove your steaks from their vacuum bag, place them on a plate, and leave them in the fridge for 2 hours before you begin to cook. If you’ve frozen the steaks, remember to give them plenty of time to defrost! Remove the steaks from the fridge about half an hour before cooking so they are at room temperature when they’re ready to go in the pan.

Heating the Pan

Before you cook your steaks, your pan needs to be very hot with a small amount of olive oil in it. Rather than using the grill, use a griddle or frying pan for the best effect. When you think your pan is hot enough, place your steaks in the pan carefully and be careful of any hot oil spitting at you.

How Do You Like Your Steak?

How long you cook the steaks for totally depends on how well done you like them to be. Each side needs to be cooked, but you should minimise the time you handle the steak so try to turn it as little as possible. You also need to give your steak a couple of minutes to rest before serving, on a rack under some tin foil in a warm place is best. The following timings are based on a 1 inch thick steak, if yours is any thicker you’ll need to adjust the time accordingly. 


If you like your steak blue, sear it for 1-2 minutes on each side and let it rest for 6 minutes.


Sear your steak for 2 and a half minute each side and rest it for 5 minutes.

Medium Rare

Sear your steak for 3-4 minutes on each side and leave to rest for 4 minutes.


Sear your steak for 4 minutes on each side and rest for 3 minutes.

Medium Well

Sear your steak for 5 minutes each side and leave to rest for 2 minutes.

Well Done

Sear your steak for 6 minutes each side and rest for 1 minute. 

Remember to adjust your timings based on the thickness of your steak, and to get your pan as hot as you dare to get it! To further impress your partner or guests, you could even make a homemade steak sauce from ketchup, onion, garlic, lemon juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, and mustard. Good luck!

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