Saturday, March 1, 2014

Food Talk Online

How is it that when our topic is food, almost everybody wants to join in the conversation? I noticed that when we post a picture of food in Facebook, almost immediately, you will get a comment for it hehehe.  Well, let is  see what you can learn from this Graphic Citation on Talking Food.  I honestly did not know that Coca Cola and Pepsi aren't  sold in North Korea.  Another very interesting and surprising citation is the  most unhealthy burger  that you can eat  which contains 1,520 calories, wow!
I love the article about the exciting and delicious hummus recipe that Food Talk Online has.  I have never  used hummus dip  yet so I was quite intrigued when I saw their article.    I am always  interested in learning  new recipes as I run out of ideas on what to cook everyday for my family.   If you want to know the exotic flavors of hummus dip, check it out at FoodTalk Online.   Glad that there are so many resources for recipe these days.
Classic mild salsa
Garlic hummus

8 delicious comments:

Fernando Lachica said...

Hummus dip is a mixture of flour, garlic, and lemon juice. It's an Arabic dip too. I'll try to visit this Foodtalk Online.

Coolmoms Cooltips said...

Nothing like food to start a convo or get people together!

AdinB said...

I learned about it from a website too that they are not available in NKorea. And it's amazing! And Hummus actually here in the US is made out of chickpeas and it is good for you. Not flour. Maybe some would use flour, but I know it uses chickpeas or garbanzo beans. Delicious! Well, we all do eat food and it is always and interested topic to talk about.

Franc said...

Yeah food is always a hot topic and it's always a good way to start a topic.

Ria C said...

You're going to love the hummus here sis. It's as close as the real ones, freshly pounded and ground chick peas with a generous serving of olive oil, few lemon juice squirts and a nice Arabic bread to go with it. Oh yum!

nova hedges said...

food talk is what i like to search about online too, its the way we can find recipes and alternatives to the ingredients we can't find in our place

AdinB said...

And you can always make your own hummus at home since there are a lot of recipes you can find on the internet. Well, I love food! :) I just have to be very picky of things to eat that are healthier.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

One burger is 1,520 calories??! Just how big is that burger?

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