Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quiznos Cravings #A-Spice-A-Day#78

After my husband and I's mini date  the day before Christmas last year, Quiznos became one of our favorites when it comes to sub sandwiches.  We introduced it to our kids they  each have a favorite there.  My daughter love their soup while my son love the flatbread sandwich.
 Quiznos is a  little nook perfect to  fill your empty  stomach after   a tiring day shopping at the mall.  I prefer their sandwiches over burgers from other  food chain.  My son was in the groove to dance when we went  at Quiznos.  We were laughing while watching him.      This is my favorite from their sub sandwiches.  It's spicy and sdelicious!  Now I am craving for one lol.
A Spice A Day #78
March 19, 2014

  • Today was my last day of book fair volunteer duty.  I left at the library   at nine to attend the mass.  IT's  the first grade's  St. Day today, their saint is  St. Patrick.  After the mass, I went back to the library then came home.
  • I started the laundry when I got home.
  • My husband requested for a sauteed mung beans so that's what I cooked for dinner.  

2 delicious comments:

FX777222999 said...

Glad they liked Quiznoz and the flatbread sandwich. Arabic bread or ciabatta bread are good for sandwich too.

Franc said...

I love the food at quiznos and they have a lot of choices.

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