Sunday, March 23, 2014

Submarine Setting #A-Spice-A-Day#82

If you have been inside a submarine, you are familiar with this type of arrangement. This was in a very old submarine, I think the modern sub has new setting for sure.
Photos were taken inside the USS Requinn in Pittsburgh during our   short  adventure at Carnegie Science Center.
A Spice A Day #82
March 23, 2014

  • I was able to talk to my mother   overseas.  I finally had a deeper understanding what had happened to my sister.  She is  staying with her for now while my sister is still weak.  I talked  to my Mom for about two  hours almost.
  • Hubby and  daughter took Bolt for a walk.  We brought our bunny, Wubzy, inside again because it is below freezing outside.  It's 17 degrees and it's Spring already, whew.
  • Alrighty time to skidaddle and  go to lalalaland as I have to get up early tomorrow.  Thanks for leaving  your trail.

3 delicious comments:

WAHMderous Moments said...

I haven't see a submarine yet. I only see them in movies and books. Maybe someday I will be able to see a submarine available for viewing.

Nova said...

It must be a nice feeling to see what it looks like inside those submarines, lucky you have the opportunity and thanks for sharing.

genefaith said...

i only saw the submarine's interior through must be so exciting to really be in there! thanks for sharing the photos:)

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