Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wedding Soup #A-Spice-A-Day#64

Michael, my late brother-in-law's wife used to make wedding soup during family holidays, I miss it. We rarely get together anymore after my BIL Dave died.  Anyway, I have never tried making wedding soup yet.  I thought of trying the ones in the can made by Progresso and it was, well, okay but I am not crazy about it.

According to my favorite source of info, Wikipedia ;
Wedding soup  is an Italian wedding soup consisting of green vegetables and meat. It is popular in the US, where it is a staple in many Italian restaurants.
A Spice A Day #64
March 5, 2014

  • I brought my kids  lunch at school as I was one of the volunteers today.  I went to church and attended the Ash Wednesday mass.
  • Two of the teachers  talked to me and said "We both agreed that when you you pack your children's lunch, you should also  pack ours" and then we all laughed.  They said that my kids have neat and healthy launch whenever they are not eating the  hot lunch being served in school.  They also told me that they always want to see  what my kids  will be eating on the days that they have  cold lunch, it makes me nervous but it makes me feel good at the same time lol.  
  • I made meat loaf  for hubby's dinner, he's been hinting for  it  for days so I finally made it yesterday.  For the kids, I sauteed some  bottle gourd with sardines as they requested for it.

3 delicious comments:

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of people who like this soup. I have been to many events and restaurants that offer it and I still have never ever tried it.

Nova said...

I have never thought nor heard about that soup before until you mention it here. sounds good and healthy too.

Mel Cole said...

There are lots of versions of wedding soup :) It will always have tiny meat balls in it. We attended Ash Wednesday as a family too, got our ashes :)

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