Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mango Smoothie #A-Spice-A-Day#92

My husband saw some mangoes at Wlamart so he bought us some. I don't really care much for the mangoes at Walmart because most of the time, they are sour and this time was no different.  I did not want to waste it so I  put it in a blender, add ice and  condensed milk in it and  enjoyed the sweet smoothie.
A Spice A Day #92
April 2, 2014

  • Today was the last day of State Testing.  
  • I have no volunteer duty today but I went to school anyway because I brought my daughter's lunch.
  • After  the three  consecutive days of testing, the  Burritos were exhausted when they came home.  They were both slightly fevered and took nap.  That's rare  from our home, to have both of them  taking a nap lol.
  • I made some rigatoni for dinner.

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