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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Award Winning Kitchen Weighing Scale

I finally have a kitchen weighing scale, thanks to Ozeri!  I received this when we arrived from our trip to Maryland.  It's perfect because I  bought some fresh produce on our way home so I wanted to see how much they weighed and  to know if I saved money buying them at a local farmer's store and I truly did!

It's fun to get a new gadget and  nothing can be more fun that involve everyone in the family to make something in the kitchen.  My daughter  volunteered to clean the beans for our  adobong sitaw.  I paid $2.50 for this 29.15 oz of beans and I divided it into two.  We cooked  half of it and then stored half of it for another menu.
When we were down in Maryland, we  got addicted to drinking fresh squeeze lemonade so I bought some  lemons.  Hubby said they were a bit expensive for 79 cents each but they are  bigger in sizes than thew ones that we can buy over here.  
The boys did the lemonade while the girls prepared  our dinner.  
The team effort was awesome, we had a really good dinner  that day.
I love my new kitchen scale.  The design features a contoured base layered with a reflective glass sheet for understated elegance and decor.  I also love the shatter resistant glass weighing platform is completely separated from the touch buttons to ensure the highest possible accuracy.  So if you are looking for an accurate  and sturdy weighing scale in your kitchen, visit this link while it is on sale.  
image isn't mine
Hubby and I are sticking to our goal of  eating healthy and maintaining our  healthy lifestyle.  I am glad that we get to have  the tools  that help us achieve our goals.  Thanks again Ozeri!
Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

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Deb I said...

I would love to have a scale. I was at Walmart buying mixed nuts,by the pound, and the register scale came up with a different weight than the produce one. When I said something, the girl adjusted the bag and the weight amount went down. Strange.... I would love to check out your recipe for the green beans too. They look yummy!

Anna L said...

I already have a kitchen scale, but this one would look so much prettier sitting in my kitchen.

mail4rosey said...

I have an Ozeri too. It's not the same model as yours, but I love the way yours sounds, and I love mine too. :)

Nichole Arnold said...

I love Ozeri products. I lost most of my weight long ago when using one to weigh food that could not be measured very well by volume. Makes a big difference in the kitchen!

Heather said...

I always love seeing pictures of your family! Not to mention all of the delicious food that you displayed in this post. BUT … let’s focus on Ozeri. Their products are absolutely AWESOME! We have a few and they are fantastic and heads above the rest. I’ll have to check out this scale … it looks really cool.

Melissa said...

I have a kitchen scale but it's not that attractive so I have it tucked away in a drawer. This one I could leave out on the counter & then I wouldn't forget to use it.

Kristal Deane said...

Ooh looks fancy! I've actually been on the hunt for one of these to have accurate measures of my serving sizes. This one looks great! I think I'll take a look into it. Thanks for sharing! :)

Melissa Botelho said...

I like this kitchen scale it is different then others i have seen.

Sherrie Bama said...

Those green beans do look very yummy. How did ya do that? Lol, I love the scale. I have a small kitchen scale but nothing like that one. It's awesome.

Jessica Cassidy said...

that is one chic and beautiful kitchen scale Sis Rose :-) The food looks so delicious too :-) My family loves beans :-) Ozeri is the best company and very generous too :-)

Chrissy Mazzocchi said...

Really cool scale and it makes it so much easier to cook!

Marie Baker said...

That is a really nice scale, I have a scale but not as nice as that one! I'd like to get one though?

Rae said...

oh a great reminder to eat healthy :)

Jonas Labagala said...

The Kitchen scale looks sleek and modern! This scale can be a perfect addition in our kitchen! :)

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