Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Roasted Chicken Wings

While I was doing  my early morning  walk, I was thinking of what to cook for dinner that both  my husband and the kids would like.  Thought of making salmon but  discarded the idea since we  just had salmon a couple of days ago.  Luckily, I found some great recipes online.  I am inspired to make one of the  Texas Pete Hot Sauce recipes  sio I have to grab a bottle of  Texas Pete Hot Sauce  that I can use  later on.  

I would like  to make the Cha! Hoisin-Glaazed Roasted Chicken wings from their recipes but I have to find Texas Pete Hot Sauce first when I go to the store.  The recipe is very easy to make as it only needs a cup of  Texas Pete Hot Sauce, one stick of salted butter, and salt and pepper.  You have to marinate it in 24  hours with the sauce that is why I will just make this recipe next time so I can do it right.  Browsing through Texas Pete Hot Sauce list of recipe gives me great pleasure because I  love hot recipes like this.  Another recipe that I would love to try is their Cha!  BBQ Grilled Salmon.  We started  eating salmon  lately as part of our  healthy living goal and we also  eliminated frying most of the food that we ate  for healthy reasons.  

Texas Pete Hot Sauce recipe  will be perfect for  me to make, they are easy to follow and doesn't  ask for so many  ingredients which exactly what I love, simple but  delicious!  They have tons of delicious recipe online so check them out.  You can also follow their social media  account  for future updates.  Another thing is, you can create your own recipe using Texas Pete Hot sauce and share them on social network using the hastag "TexasPete.  Lastly, Texas Pete  will be making a $1 donation to the Feeding America for every social share of this post throughout the campaign so if you have a moment, kindly share and leave me a note that you did.  Thank you!

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