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Gorton. Real. Smart. Seafood

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I don't make New Year's Resolution but I do  jot down my goals  at the start of the year so I will be on track of what is need to be need and accomplished.  One of my goals this year is to stay active  and  eat  healthier. That's why I was stoked to received this review kit valued at $75 from Gorton which include the following:
  • Five (5) full-value product coupons to purchase your Gorton’s Grilled or Simply Bake products
  • An insulated tote bag to bring home your Gorton’s products and other frozen goodies
  • The SparkPeople Cookbook, a collection of more than 160 satisfying, sustaining, and stress-free recipes that streamline your healthy-eating efforts
  • The Spark book by SparkPeople founder, CEO and Motivation Expert, Chris Downie
  • The SparkPeople 28-Day Boot Camp Workout DVD
Before I get on to the SparkPeople products, I want to share to you what we  have tried so far from the  free Gorton products that we have.  First is the Skillet Crisp Tilapia that we had for dinner tonight.
My husband is not very fond of  fish  especially tilapia but  he likes this one because it is already seasoned and you don't need to  use oil to cook it in a skillet.  The  tilapia is so flaky and  fresh tasting.  I had mine with rice and pineapple and orange salsa with  sriracha sauce yum!  My kids and husband had theirs with  sour krout (weird combination eh,  but what4ver works right?)
My daughter  love seafood just like me so this shrimp scampi is perfect for her.  I am not very fond of  garlic so what I did was to incorporate it in some rotini pasta and broccoli.
The pasta and  veggy absorabed the  garlicky flavor and with the addition of  parmesan cheese, it was delicious!
This was our first dinner in 2015.  We ate  it with bread sticks and man, it was  sumptuous!

We still yet to try the fish fillets and fish  sandwich fillets.  I am sure that it would be as delicious as the first two that we  tried. So for seafood lovers like us, I highly recommend Gorton products!
So here's the verdict of the two fish fillets above.  We love the potato crusted  fish fillets.  We ate it with my baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese and wild rice.
 My husband and son  tied the fish sandwich fillets yesterday.  They said it was okay but still preferred the potato crusted one.  I made my husband a sandwich  with lettuce,  tomatoes, and tartar sauce.
 My son ate his with wild rice,  vegetable medley, and a slice of tomato.  He also preferred the potato crusted one o over this.
 My daughter and I  had the  grilled tilapia yesterday for dinner.  
The  seasoning  came off after I baked it.  I was hoping that the grilled mark will be there but  since the  seasoning  got melted, it was nothing like a grilled tilapia although it still tasted  good, the appearance isn't what I expected it too.  So our verdict is, we preferred the  skillet crisp tilapia over the grilled one.
Now onto the SparkPeople products, I have decided to  review the  The Spark Book and  Total Body Sculpting DVD at my Fitness Blog as it  us more fitting  on the theme of the blog.  You can see my review by clicking the link I have included above.  I have read some of the recipes on this book but I haven't found the one that I would like to try yet,  I would update you about it soon.

Now, there is a big event that will happen in SparkPeople.  Beginning January 5, you can sign up for and participate in the 30-Day Realistic Resolution Challenge on or using the SparkPeople app.  The app is available on iTunes Store or Google Play so make sure to check on that.  I am considering on participating myself so let's see by Monday.   I signed up with the 30-Day Realistic Resolution Challenge.

Here are some things that you can do:
a. Download a coupon
b. Sign up for the SparkPeople's   30-Day Realistic Resolution Challenge
c. Enter the Gorton’s Eat Smarter Sweepstakes

16 delicious comments:

Catherine said...

This all does look tasty. Happy New Year. Catherine

Unknown said...

I really need to start eating healthier, so I'm trying out some nutrition shakes for breakfast... What is your opinion on those? Will I really stay healthy drinking those, and will I lose the weight I need to? Is there a better alternative?

Vanessa said...

I LOVE Gortons! During lent I buy a ton of this stuff because my husband isn't Catholic , but I was raised feeling guilty for eating meat on Fridays. Gortons has made my life during lent SO much easier! I don't have to cook two full meals!

Jen said...

Those products look really tasty. Reminds me of the gourmet product of Fisher Farms. I wish they also have the shrimp scampi here. :)

Nova said...

never tried the product but i've heard great reviews about how good they are.

Travel Quest said...

I love coupons :) lately I avoid eating process food but this look delicious.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

That is so awesome mommy. it has all the tools that you need too to start eating healthy the quick and easy way, too. :) I haven't really tried this product before, but I might want to check it out next time we are at the store. Thanks for sharing!

Ria C said...

Looks very yummy! I wish I have access to those type of meals that I can easily prepare but we don't have that brand here in Dubai. :) Kudos again sis! You're doing an excellent job!

Marie said...

Wow! That is so amazing, Ate Rose! :) I wish coupons are widely used here in PI.

Lynndee said...

Those look good. We love tilapia and pasta around here. Will check on them.

Nova said...

I always love freebies and enjoying every munch to ensure that the reviews I shared with the product is indeed worth to share.

James, Davis, and Associates Test said...

It is a great idea to have pre-made food items like these on hand to serve the family when no one feels like doing everything from scratch.

Eileen said...

Great instant food! I wish there were more options like that here. For someone like me who is always rushing to work and rushing back home to cook and clean, those yummy packs would be a blessing! I would definitely love to try the shrimp scampi. :)

papaleng said...

Ako rin need to be healthier this year. That grilled tilapia sounds tempting.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

Like you, I'm also striving to live and eat healthy this 2015. Grilled and baked foods are a good start, and you are lucky to receive products that can help you achieve this goal.

Unknown said...

My daughter loves fish sticks. I will check this brand our in the grocery.

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