Monday, June 1, 2015

My Burritos' Music Recital This Year

Yesterday was my Burritos' music recital.  The little Mister was a bit nervous  as it was his first time but he did great and did not mess up at all.  Tghat boosted his confidence a notch higher.  The  little Miss on the other hand, although it was her forth time being  in rrecital  mess up a little bit.  However, if the  audience did not know  the music she played, they woukdn't realize she mess up because she just kept  going lol. 
 That being said, since they did such an awesome job, we had a celebratory dinner at Eat n' Park where we enjoy delicious meals!  Below is  Ms. Burrito's salad.
I  inquired about violin lesson since Ms. Burrito wants to take  one, they don't have the teacher anymore but  was recommended a  great teacher than could teach  my daughter.   We won't need any  vandoren clarinet mouthpiece but that doesn't mean that I am not allowed to lok at it lol.  We will be visiting the local music store  this weekend  to  see how much violin cost.  

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WE said...

That's great, convey my wishes and congratulations to them :)

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