Thursday, July 16, 2015

Incorporating Kale into Everything

While reading about the drop d tuning, I am sharing you this cheesey pasta  that we had sometime last week.  I added  sp,e chopped fresh kale in it to make it a healthier.  My kids doesn't mind eating vegetable  so I  put kale in so many dishes.  We started eating kale last year when I  gave it a try as I read so many good things about.  Now, we love it and the best part is, I have a plot of it in my garden so I don't have buy it.  

4 delicious comments:

Elizabeth O. said...

This looks so good! And when you add kale to it, it makes it more healthy!

Nova said...

I haven't tried Kale veggies at all but I've been hearing about the benefits this plants can give us, I will definitely copy your recipe.

JOJO VITO said...

it's nice that you're planting veggies in your least you'll just pick them when you need one :)

Anna said...

Wow, good thing you don't have to buy. You can truly enjoy nature's bounty.

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