Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to Freeze Long Gourd

A friend of mine gave me some bitter melon and long gourd.  We call long gourd Upo in the Phiilippines.  It's a great vegetable to cook with meat or fish soup.  I wasn't able to plant one this year so I am glad that  I was given one.  
 Since it was very long, I decided to freeze them  so I can use it  when I have the ingredients I need to cook it when I want to.  I usually use this to cook sardines.
Here's how I freeze  ithe long gourd.
  • Peel the skin off using a vegetable peeler and slice  it in half.

  •  Remove the stuff inside the gourd using a spoon.

  •  Then slice them according to desired size.

  •  Blanch it in a boiling water for  5 minutes.

  •  Drained the hot water and plunge the   blanched gourd immediately in an ice water.  Let it  chill for 5 minutes before draining the water.

  •  Let it drain thouroughly.  You can lay it on a kitchen towel or  have it drained on a strainer.

  •  Put it in a ziploc and put it in the freezer.  Make sure to put the date.  

I love how blanching it  maintain it's beautiful color and preserve the fresh taste.

3 delicious comments:

Rhodesia said...

Wow, I haven ever seen anything quite that long, what fun. Wonder if they would grow here if I could find the seeds. Take care Diane

Nova said...

That is one long upo you have there, i wish to plant one this summer but since we don't have much sunlight, I will still risk and place them in a pot. Put them in front of the yard where most of the sunlight is.. we shall see if that works..and a great way to keep upo all year long..

Elizabeth O. said...

It looks great! Definitely perfect for soups and stews. I'd love to try this out!

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