Monday, December 21, 2015

Chocolate Crinkles and Birthday Wishes

I am officially done shopping for  and wrapping gifts but I am looking at the audio equipment store for some deals.  My daughter  wants a violin for her birthday next year and my son also wants a guitar.   We couldn't  get it for Christmas but I would love to get them for their birthdays.  We told them that  piano is a great vehicle for them to  get into the next  music instrument so while they are honing their skill onit, we are also saving money to purchase the next instruments that they want.
Meanwhile, let me share these photos  my husband took of the kids when they helped their Dad  made some chocolate crinckles  yesterday.
Chocolate crinkles is one of my few favorite  cookies during the holiday.  

2 delicious comments:

Elizabeth O. said...

They look so amazing! I bet they taste just as good as they look! It's nice that your kids are musically inclined! Awesome.

Nova said...

You just given me the idea for my son's upcoming birthday.. I'll definitely make this chocolate crinkles for him to bring to the class.. your kids are so adorable.

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