Monday, February 1, 2016

Churros and Taco

I made another batch of churros because my son keep asking  for it.  I followed the same churros recipe that I made last time. The only difference is that, I added a tablespoon of pistachio cream on this one.
The pistachi gave it a nutty taste which is really good, a great twist actually.
I made the churros as requested by my son so I had to make what  my daughter wanted to eat that day, she wanted tacos.
They used the tco shells but I used the gluten-free  scooper chops from Glutino.  It was a nice  switch.  I think I will be using  this  gluten-free chips from now on with my tacos.
When I make tacos, I don't normally put  the   stuff in the shell because I end up making a mess.  I always  just make a taco salad and it with  spoon but this time, I used the gluten free chips.

3 delicious comments:

Muning said...

hi ate. ginaya kita and just started my own blog. nangangapa pa ko but sana maayos ko page para as nice as yours na. :D

Elizabeth O. said...

Two of my most favorite snacks! That's really awesome.

Nova said...

That's very interesting, like you guys we also have our taco night..and i'm interested with the chorus recipe.

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