Sunday, May 15, 2016

2-in-1 Food Chain

These photos were taken when we  had our short  road trip to the Amish  place in Ohio.  We  dropped by at this  Long John's Silver and Taco Bell joint food chain.  IN our  small city, there is no  joint place like this which I wish there is because it is neat how you Can go in one place and found two  different  chain serving different foods.  
It is always fun to document  first experience just like this one.  We often forget  it when we don't have something to look back to.
 It was beautiful inside.
 Of course, my daughter who love taco  will never pass an opportunity to have some lol.
 Opps, sorry I caught you there Anak hehehe.
 There is one establishment like this up in Robinson area in PA so we go there once in a while when we are by Robinson.  

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Rhodesia said...

Love taco's,not something that is easy to get in France!! Have a good week Diane

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