Monday, July 25, 2016

Cinnabon and Fresh Fruits on the Go #RoadtripSnacks

Whenever we are going on a road trip, I always make sure to pack cut up veggies and fruits for us to snack on.  This year is no difference.  We went to the store  the day before and bought some fruits then I cut them up and put them in our cooler bag.  It is economical that way  as the kids  doesn't ask to  stop by at a food chain to buy something to eat.
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Watermelon and Kiwi are some of our favorite to bring.
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My husband love cucumbers because it fills him up  and  keeps  his body  cool.

I also packed some apples for my son.  He love  green smith apples.  The little lady had  a special request, mangoes!
Of ll those snacks I prepared, my husband  love to  spoil the kids a little and  bought some cinnabon when we stop for some gas.  It was his birthday treat  for Ryestein and of course, the sweet tooth boy also had one.
I think cinabbon is overrated.  To me, it is just like regular cinnamon rolls but that is just me lol.
But, it made these kiddos very happy so it was worth the sugar treat.
We don't have cinabbon around here so it was  like a special treat for them.

On our way back home, we shopped at Foodlion and bought us some goodies to munch on.
Lots of water is also important when going on a roadtrip to make sure that we are all hydrated. It makes for frequent rest stop but it is important to take lots of fluid when traveling.  

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