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Christmas is the Perfect time to Indulge on Festive Foods

As Try the World puts it "If there's one thing that links all holiday  celebrations together, it  is the incredible FOOD and good cheer." to which I agree.  I am super excited to received this Holiday Box from Try the World .  With this holiday box,  Try the World and Michelin came together to curate  this unique box.  It's  complete with  Rich Hanukkah desserts and  pastries and cakes for Chinese New Year.  I love the selection really!
 I have tried two of these products before in a different box  so I am kind of familiar how they are, the tea and the  ginger snaps.  However, the rest are all  pretty new to me.
 I am planning to bake this Pain d'epices or spiced bread baking mix.  It is from a small french company, Marlette.  This is a traditional French holiday  cake that's made  with freshly milled, organic flour and a variety of baking spices.  Oh I can't wait to try  baking a french bread/cake.
 I am not sure with this Truffle sauce but I am sure  willing to try it. It says that you can mix this into dips or spread it into crostini or even fold it into omelettes.  I might try it with omelettes this weekend.
My daughter already tried this date spread and she said  it's really good.  She is the type of person that sticks to what she knows and like when it comes to food but  that doesn't mean she is not willing to  try other foods.  Yesterday, she made a toast and spread this date to it and then she gave it a thumbs up.
"A symbol of good luck, dates are popular holiday food throughout the Mediterranean.  This date spread is made with ripe fruit grown on a community farm in  Israel, and the packaging process that follows provides working opportunities for disabled  individuals in the community."
These mini pineapple cakes are really good, one of my favorites in the holiday box.  The mini cakes are buttery and filled with sweet and tangy jam.  Pineapple cake is an ubiquitous pastry in Taiwan.
"In Taiwanese, pineapple is called and pronounced as Onglai, which is similar  to the phrase for "the arrival and prosperity and fortune."  This hidden meaning makes it a popular gift during Lunar year."
Here's my daughter who  got attracted right away with the packaging.  We all love fresh pineapple here at home so she was curious how it tastes like.  She loved it!
These classic shortbread biscuits from Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co from Canada  are good too.  It's rich  and buttery, perfect for dipping in  coffee or you can top an ice cream sundae with it.  It would also  make a cute cookie cookie sandwich.
My avid taster daughter tried this one as she was curious about toffee.  She said, it is more salty than sweet lol.  I tried it and I think it is delicious, rich, and creamy.  It is made of  pure butter from Darling, a south African town  known for its excellent butter.  You can melt and drizzle this over an ice cream or enjoy it as a midnight snack.
I had these ginger snaps  before.  They are good with tea or coffee.  You can enjoy this  ginger snaps  from Sweden  with mulled wine or dip it into a hot cider, or if you want to be an adventurer in baking, you can crumble this in pie crust.
I have tried this mind-awakening Yerba Mate holiday energy teatonics  before and thought it's pretty good.   It's really good in the morning, it would jump start your day.  It is  great with honey and  lemon or you can serve chilled with ice.  This is great especially during winter times.  I wake up at 4:30 on weekdays with my husband and sometimes, I feel  so sleepy, this teatonic is my go-to to  fully wake me up.  
"Born from a passion for natural ingredients and mindful living, Teatonics combine the British love of tea with organic aromatics from around the world to create delicious infusions.  Their tea blends are ground by hand and filled with healthy micro nutrients and antioxidants.
This box comes with an entertaining holiday stories and it also includes recipes.  So if you want a unique  gifts for food lovers this Christmas, this is a perfect option.  You can enjoy a 15% off  gift with promo code DEC15.
I ordered an  Italy box, I am giving it to an Italian friend  for Christmas.  I tried this box before and love what's in it. Hopefully she would love it too.
Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

18 delicious comments:

Alli Smith said...

What a great subscription box! I received a Try the World box a while back and the cookies were amazing. I know I would love the date spread.

Candace Kage said...

Salted toffee sounds wonderful along with the rest of the goodies you received in the box. Something like this would make a great gift since it arrives in such a pretty and welled packed box. All about family and good food.

Paula Schuck said...

These all sound so good. I always reserve the holidays as my time to eat all the stuff I don't normally allow myself. It's a special time of year, after all!

DJ Murphy said...

We love try the world! What an awesome box, I love that this one was so eclectic for the holidays :)

Emily, Our house now a home said...

This box has so much yummy food in it! I think things like this work for someone you might be stuck on what to get them. Everyone loves food :)

Jennifer EngineerMommy said...

I love trying new, exotic foods and Christmas is the perfect time to try new snacks. This is a great box to be able to sample so many interesting snacks!

Dina said...

I love the goodies you received. I'd totally have loved to try those or put them in stockings too. Yum.

Pam said...

I would love to try those mini pineapple cakes. They sound like the perfect sweet treat! I love all kinds of pineapple sweets.

Jennifer M said...

I always like to be adventurous when it comes to foods and this is the perfect way to do that. I love that itss reasonably priced and that it has such great products inside.

Kathy Myers said...

These look amazing, I am going to have to check it out!

Rika Agustini said...

I love pineapple cakes... this box looks so yummy! I love trying new snacks!

Rebecca Swenor said...

It is the time of year to try festive foods and this Try The World box looks amazing. It would make for a great gift idea too. The Mini Pineapple Cakes sound delicious and so does the Ginger Snaps. Thanks for sharing this subscription box.

Michele D said...

Everything looks so tempting. I love receiving boxes like these. You get a little bit of everything. Love it!

Stephanie Pass said...

My husband just loves trying new foods. This would be such a great gift for him.

Emma Spellman said...

The pineapple cake looks so good. My mom loves pineapple.I will have to see if I have time to order some before Christma.

Ricci said...

This is such a neat subscription box! I would love to try foods from all over the world!

Coralie said...

The pineapple treats look so good. I love pineapple. I love trying new things - I will have to try these.

Melanie Mathis said...

I want to try that date spread too.I heard from a friend that it's really good.

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