Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Career Opportunities For Psychologists

The stressful relationships, depressing routines and stringent work conditions have made the living standards miserable in the present-day world that brings forth the need of psychologists in any country. Psychologists play a pivotal role in helping people overcome mental illnesses and problems related to mental health. The work that psychologists offer is too important in a country like South Africa where one third of the population suffers from mental illnesses, as reported by The South African Depression and Anxiety Group. The figure represents the sick state of mental health in South Africa and the utmost importance of psychologists in South Africa.

What do Psychologists do?
Psychologists are non-medical doctors whose main purposes include accurately describing, explaining, predicting, and changing human behavior and mental processes to lift them up from the state of depression and mental illness. The field psychology is vast and the types of jobs depend upon the specialty chosen, theoretical orientation and the population. Clinical psychologists help people overcome problems that keep them away from leading happy, satisfied and prosperous lives. They offer various services like counselling, psychotherapy, personality tests and teaching in colleges and universities. To profess psychology, a bachelor’s degree is what psychologists start with.

Perks and Benefits of being a Psychologist
Clinical or counselling psychology is chosen depending on the interests of the individual. A master’s degree and/or a doctorate degree is further pursued for growth as an individual in the field. A psychologist for practicing psychology as directed by the states to anchor safety of its citizens needs a license. There are numerous opportunities available for the psychologists like – clinical psychology, psychoanalysts, marriage and family counsellors, industrial-organizational psychology, forensic psychology, licensed counselling, school psychology, child psychology, criminal psychology etc.

Psychologists in South Africa
To become a psychologist, substantial commitment of time is needed which can be rewarding and challenging career. The goals, the resources, and potential alternatives must be considered before opting psychology as a career. Different specialties in the field of psychology require different training and educational requirements. You can continue doing research in the field of psychology as well. Psychologists work in different working environments- workplaces ranging from a government hospital to rehabilitation centers to social service organizations.

Two-thirds of psychologists are self-employed and maintain a private practice. Psychologist hourly rate South Africa amounts to a huge sum. For the kind of work, they do they have an approximate salary of 250,139 rupees monthly or nearly 1000 rupees hourly in South Africa.

Psychology: A promising career
If your aim is to pursue psychology as your stream, you need to start the quest for a good research school, find the best for you, and apply for financial aid to make your education more affordable. Then learn about psychological behavior, people’s attitudes and make a better understanding of the subject with a public exposure. This can be a very promising career and the kind of jobs will be too satisfying. The society needs a lot of valuable of psychologists who can help people live prosperous and productive lives and you can be one such psychologist.

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