Friday, April 23, 2021

15th Birthday Breakfast

I am not a creative Mom so my kids missed out on fun stuff when its their birthday but I sure try.  This was last year on my daughter's 15th birthday.  I know, I know, its pretty late in the game for a  post but I did not have a computer since my last one crashed.  Luckily, hubby bought me this laptop as an early birthday present so I am slowly able to post some moments of my kids
This is just a blueberry mini pancakes.  
I love the fact that my daughter was born in the summer time when flowers are blooming.  I just need to go outside and pick some flowers and boom, I have instant accent for food prepping.
I can't believe my little miracle baby is now becoming a little lady. In three months, she will turned 16 and will be getting her driver's license.  She's been driving for almost a year now with her student driver license and she is doing awesome.
I am glad that I don't have any issue with her when it comes to academics.  We sometimes have different opinions on things but overall, she's a really well-rounded and respectful kid.  I am always grateful to God for saving her during my delivery, we almost lost her but thank the Lord, He saved us both.

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Yami said...

Happy Birthday, Rylie!!

Time flies so fast, sis Rose. Maliit pa sya nung nag-start tayo sa blogging. Remember, Mommy Moments entries natin noon. Sabagay, mine are young adults na din. :)

-- Yami (Torrecampo)

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