Friday, July 16, 2021

Food we ate during the Pandemic

 Meal kits deliveries was an awesome option during  the pandemic's quarantine period.  I have tried  few companies that offers them and there are some that we like and other's that we can do without.  It was a fun learning experience for my daughter as well.  She gets to try to cook  each meal kit.

Here are some of the menus that we cooked.  I won't specify what they are and who the meal delivery companies are but we had fun trying to create or cook each meals.  Some are Mediterranean, some are asian, and most are  American cuisine.
This chicken with basil pistou dish was really good.  I would like to make this again one day.  The good is, I have the recipe so I can make it again anytime I want to.
The ingredients you need for this is chicken cutlets, basil pisto, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, fennel, jasmine rice, green chard, and dates,
This pork bowl is a menu that we like very much.  My daughter have perfected  the way to make it so we buy the ingredients from the store and cook it when we crave for it.
Seared cod and peppers with coleslaw and potatoes.  This is not something, we will buy again.
My husband like this steak and cheddar melt.
Korean spicy noodles for breakfast.  I added some greens to make it healthier.
I like this honey mustard salmon dish.  This dish only calls for 6 ingredients; salmon fillet, honey mustard sauce, rainbow carrots, brocolli, red onion, and smoky mustard and thyme blend.  I thought this was the easiest dish because you only need to sear and roast, there's no elaborate process.  I like how it has a complete set of protien.
This Caribbean shrimp and coconut rice was okay.  It's not something I would cook again for the family because they are not very fond of seafood.  
I cooked this lima beans in coconut  milk and added some squid tentacles just for me.  As I mentioned above, my husband kids only eat certain seafood, I like  any type of seafood dishes.  I grew up eating only seafood so I am used to it.
Pasta and chicken dish with mushroom sauce, not a fan of this but thought it was an alright dish.

We have a lot of dishes that we tried which I wasn't able to take a photo of  but pandemic definitely opened us to a new challenge in making food.  I thought it was a great challenge though.  My daughter learned to cook few dishes and  so did I.  How about you?  What did you cook during the pandemic?

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