Monday, April 12, 2010

Shake It Up

We had a left over of our water melon at our fridge and I don't want it to be wasted so I put it in the mixer, put some ice and condensed milk and voila, we had an instant water melon shake. My daughter and I enjoyed it outside while watching the birds hop around the trees.

I received these sensational shake recipes from and thought of sharing it here for you guys. Sweet, filling, and refreshing, shakes are ideal for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Enjoy the great flavors of a Blueberry Apricot Shake, Mango Watermelon Shake, or Fruity Soy Shake.

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3 delicious comments:

nuts said...

I wanna try this one, I have watermelon and just perfect for super hot summertime here.

Mel Alarilla said...

Hay naku, yan ang kailangang kailangan namin dito sa Pinas dahil sa sobrang ineeeeeeeeeeet, lol. Grabe ang init talaga, nakakahilo at nakaka high blood. Me mga namatay na nga dahil sa heat stroke at lalo pang pinapainit ang panahon nang sobrang init ding pangangampanya nang mga Presidentiables, lol. Malapit na kasi ang eleksyon kaya nagliliparan na ang mga putik at mudslinging, lol. Penge naman nang watermelon shake, lol. Thanks for the cool and refreshing post. God bless you all always.

Mommy Liz said...

I love cantaloupe, and strawberries, kapag uminit ng konti, gawan ko rin mga bata, medyo chilly dito ngayon sa amin..

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