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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bicol Express

I was feeling nostalgic the other day so my mind was filled with thoughts of things from back home. To ease up my homesick feeling, I made us some bicol express. Hubby love this dish even though he doesn't like shrimp paste taste hehehe.

Some people in Bicol cook this in oil but I love to cook it with coconut milk with lots of hot pepper.
I'll share the recipe if someone asks hehehe. Need to go to the store NOW..

Okay here is a simple recipe in making bicol express..

You need:

  1. 1 lb pork (some like the fatty ones.. I don't lol), I use stew meat.
  2. a can of coconut milk
  3. onion and garlic
  4. tomato
  5. shrimp paste
  6. hot peppers
  7. salt and black pepper to taste

  1. Cut the pork according to desired size.
  2. Slice the tomato and onion/crush the garlic
  3. Slice the peppers, the hotter the pepper is the better (wink).
  4. Open the can of coco milk and put it in the pan, add the onion, garlic, tomato, a spoon of shrimp paste, and salt and pepper
  5. Let it simmer and add the meat, stirring the coconut milk so it won't form a lump.
  6. When the meat is cook, add the hot pepper.
  7. Serve it with rice and you have a nice smokin' hot meal!
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30 sumptuous burps..:

Lulu said...

mami rose gusto ko yong bicol express na made of some pork (fats and lean) cuts yong may bagoong... waaa miss ko yon...

for now okay na sa akin yong luto mo... fed ex mo nga yan dito... hehehe

inday_adin said...

Agoy kalami gud ani ba... can I ask for the recipe please? hehehe... hmmm.. gigutom nako.. hehehe

I'm just the MOM said...

share it share it! My hubs would LOVE this! PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE lol

chubskulit said...

Alrighty folks, I'll add the recipe to the post hehehe. Just give me 10 minutes coz I have to eat first lol.

Dhemz said...

pede pahinga sis? never pa kasi ako nakatikim nito eh...ehehehe!

thanks for sharing the recipe....I made lumpia for dinner kanina....salap!

Clarissa said...

Yum!!Haven't tried eating the bicol express!looks yummy though!pinaglaway mo pa ako lol!

VanillaSeven said...

Looks yummy! Is that served with Garlic Rice? Doesn't look like plain rice to me.

Mel Alarilla said...

Together with laing, Bicol express is my favorite Bicolano dish. Yung nakakain ko dito sa Bulacn and Metro Manila ay puro poor imitations lang. I love to taste your laing and Bicol express. Someday, when God permits, I would like to taste your own cooking of laing and Bicol express when I visit Donsol and the world famous butanding. Baka dalaga at binata na si Rylie at EJ pag dating nang time na yun, lol. Thanks for your usual yummy post. God bless you all always.

Cecile said...

sarap naman ng bicol express mo...salamat sa last makakapagluto na rin ako nito for the first time :-)

FoodTripFriday said...

Sarap nito sis,panalo! Thank you for the recipe, super fave ko rin ito!

Luna Miranda said...

ohmygulay! this is perfect with steamed rice, and eating with bare hands (nakataas pa ang paa! LOL). i prefer coco milk too, than oil, pork fat would be enough.:p

tatess said...

thank you so much sa masarap na recipe mo. makapagluto nga nyan.

Lui@Pinaywifespeaks said...

i miss Bicol all the more. Thank God I'm taking a vacation there in July and for sure I'll be eating lots of bicol express and laing..

i like my bicol express with a bit of fat.. have you tried it with fish, like tanguige? masarap din sya..

Happy weekend!

Jac said...

whaaa na miss ko ang food na yan sis mahilig ako sa gata pahingi naman ako lol!! Happy weekend miss you na!

gengen said...

It looks yummy hhehehe. Happy FTF!

maiylah said...

ay, gusto ko rin yan! kaso pag sobrang anhang (which I like!) ako lang ang kakain, lol. salamat sa recipe! :)

happy weekend

Eng said...

nothing beats a good homecooked food. i cook mine in oil.

eng of salitype society

Iska said...

Recipe bookmarked! Your Bicol express looks yummy indeed. I am the only one who likes spicy in my family.

Gizelle said...

I used to avoid spicy foods pero ngayon, I take on the challenge of Bicol express!!!

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

I love spicy food but I never tried this, probably coz di ako mahilig with ulam na may gata.

Teq said...

Masarap ang bicol express lalo na pag tama lang ang anghang para malasahan ang gata.thanks for this post.
Bicol Tourism

Bash said...

The bes ang bicol express..
Bicol Tourism

Sheren-May said...

Like yours is also my entry... Iba nga lang ang name ko sa dish :) Have a great day ahead!!!

Sreisaat said...

Sarap! I love mine with bits of fat also. Makaluto nga nito kaya pahiram ng recipe mo :)

We Ate This!

nuts said...

oh my..ang sarap.. nagutom ako bigla.. i'll cook ginatang chicken for lunch and so late na.. hihi. will hop later to other blog.. :)

Life Moto said...

i like bicols express, not only because of we are bicol. but the taste is great.

Cacai M. said...

Hemm.. haven't tried cooking this manang kow.. but I tried eating it for several times and I love it! magaling ka pala magluto nito.. one day bibisita ako sa 'yo at magluto tayo nito mommy ha.. ;-) muahhh!

Sowe po, late ako sa pag bloghop but here's mine:
My Food Trip: Buttered Shrimps

See yah manang kow.. ;-) muahhh!

inday_adin said...

Mommy! Salamat for the recipe... yum! I can't wait to gather some recipes and cook it. :) I will let you know once I did! :) LOL!

Mel Alarilla said...

Wow, I love Bicol Express just as much as I love laing. Adding pineapple chunks in it made it more acceptable to John. Did your kids like it too? Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

chubskulit said...

Hi Kuya Mel, di po kayang kaining ng ga bata yung laing kasi maanghang, super anghang ako magluto hehehe

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