Monday, September 29, 2014

Crabs Cooked in Coconut MIlk

During our 11th wedding anniversary,  we went to Strip District and  shop at places we have never shopped before.  We went to Wholey's, bought some seafood and ate lunch there.  One of the  few seafood that we bought are these crabs.  After getting hooked to eating crabs again  during our vacation in Ocean City, Maryland this year, I have to have my fix for seafood lol.  I cooked this  in coconut milk, onion, and lemon grass.  It was fulfilling
 I prefer eating crabs at home because they are messy and requires work lol.
 I know, it is obvious in my face that I feel like in heaven just looking and smelling at this sumptous crabs I am holding.
 Just looking at the pictures makes me hungry again.

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3 delicious comments:

MikiHope said...

You definitely look like you can't wait to eat that crab dish you made! Now you have me thinking about lobster!

Unknown said...

I'm not a seafood person although I haven't really given it a chance either. You sure do look excited!

Lynndee said...

Dang! The last time I have crabs was more than 4 years ago. I haven't seen crabs like that since I got here in the U.S. Now I'm drooling.

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