Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fried Okra

I am not very fond of Okra  because of it's slimy texture  but this year, I decided to plant some in my garden so I could introduce it to my children.  As expected, they did not like it but I don't want to  waste the fruit so I ate them myself lol.

 I got tired of putting it in a soup so I thought of frying it for a change and voila, it worked!
Aren't okra  beautiful when cut this way?  It would have been easier to fry them if I just cut them in half but I like how it looks when cut this way plus I tested the new paring knife that my husband got me.
I used my tempura batter mix to coat them to maker it crispy.

I was hungry when I was cooking it so I did not wait till it's brown before I  removed them from my frying pan.  I was actually eating it while I fry them lol.
The rest of it, I ate with rice and achara.  It was so good with the sriracha sauce.

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