Saturday, October 4, 2014

Homemade Apple Pie by our Little Pastry Chef

As most of you  may know, our nine year old daughter has been exploring her   abilities in cooking.  What amazes me is that  she isn't afraid to try anything.  Making an apple pie from scratch is something I have never done.  In fact, I don't have the courage to make any pie at all.  But out little pastry chef is so courageous.  She made her own pie crust  and did everything by herself with no help from us.

I even suggested  that we should just buy  the ready made crust from the store but she said,  she'd  rather make he r own and so she did.
 She made it  look rustic.  She still need to  improve  the crust but she is getting there.  This is her second time making a pie with homemade crust.
I can't even tell you how she did it because I wasn't allowed to watch her.  She did however let me take a photo after she got done and of course for me to clean up the massive mess lol.
 It tasted really good and you wouldn't think that a 9 year old made it.  Great job Ms. Burrito, I am so proud of you!
I just wish that she would allow me to work with her.  It would be fun I am sure.  I think the reason why she doesn't want me to  be there is because I always tell her what to do and she isn't fond of that.  See, when I cook, I don't like using too many utensils because I hate a messy kitchen.  With her, she piles up the kitchen with  so many  things she used.  That's  the thing that I would like her to learn, to  be more organized when cooking.  For now, I will take the cleaning since she is  doing the best that she can to learn.

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Mommy Peach said...

I wanted to make apple pie too!! Great Job Rylie!

emzkie said...

wow really?! she made her own crust? i tried this before from scratch and i tell you it was not easy. lol. good job little girl! u made your mama so proud. i think i will try making apple pie again since its my eldest fave =)

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