Sunday, October 5, 2014

Explore a World of Food

There is one gigantic market district in Settler's Ridge PA.  You can explore the world of food  at Giant Eagle.  There are so many selection of fresh produce.  That's tg he place where we found the rare  vegetable that we like, the Kohlrabi.  
There is one huge stand for different kinds of apples.  Standing in the middle of the fruit stand makes you hungry as you can smell the different scent of  fruits.
I love the exotic aisle  because there are so many asian produce that you can find there like papaya, and many other veggies that you won't normally find in the local store.
It was our first time there so we were like in paradise looking at the different varieties of food available.
I wish that there's one of this Giant Eagle  here in our area so we don't have to drive far to  shop hehehe.
We've gone there twice and every time, we load up on the  products that is not normally found here in our local store.  

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Chubby Chieque said...

Hello Sissy Ganda,
Musta na kayo dyan?

Look at the kids! They are growing so fast? Grabe... Like mine, my apo na. 6 months old. Naka... enjoy the moment.

I am into organic food now and am trying to skip the meat thing (as of now) Suma-sakit ang arthitis... he he...

Happy SSS and GB to you and your lovely family.


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