Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Height and Healthy Food

 I always admire people that are taller because they can pretty much reach  things that are placed in a higher place.  I am  tiny and short which makes me wish that I am a little taller especially in the store and I want to reach something but I can't because of my height.  But, this is what  is given to me so a step stool is one of the tool that we have at home.  I always use it especially if I need to put or get something up in the closet.  It doesn't matter that I am short anyway because there are things that I can use to compensate my height, right folks?
I would say that my height is  a genetic thing  so no matter  what I do, I won't be any taller lol.  However, I can be as healthy as I can be if I  choose to eat healthy food and  maintain regular exercise.  

3 delicious comments:

Judy B. said...

Absolutely! Also gives you a good reason to ask for help.

Unknown said...

sabi ng lola ko Rose, yong kanin daw haluan ng star margarine...subukan mo baka pwede pa joke hehehe.

Diane said...

I am not short, but with a 6ft 4in husband there are seldom any reach problems in our house LOL Diane

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