Monday, July 6, 2015

Omelet with Turkey Sausage and Spinach

One thing I love about making omelet is the ingredient option that you can add.  I think you can add just about anything that you would love to have in it.  The first batch of of pictures of omelet has  Browned  turkey sausage and spinach.  The spices in the  turkey sausage is  enough to flavor the  dish so all I added in the  eggs  is salt and pepper.
 Hubby loves eating it with ketchup but I love it with sriracha.
This one here has left over grilled salmon.  Since there is salmon to it, I have to add some ingredients.  Here's a quick recipe:
  •  tomatoes, diced
  • shallots, sliced
  • red  radishes, sliced
  •  spinach
  • 3 eggs
  • salmon, shredded
  • salt and pepper 
  • 1 tsp olive il


  • In a pan, add  the olive oil and saute  the above ingredients for about  5 minutes.
  • Beat the eggs, add salt and pepper

  •  On a different pan (or the same as long as you wash it), spray non stick cooking oil.  Add the eggs (make sure that the pan is hot enough).
  • Add the filling in the middle and and top it with cheese.

 I purposely did not close this  omelet so that the kids  won't ask what is in it.
 The only downside of that is that, they picked out the radishes lol.  It's okay though because the flavor of the radish is already incorporated with the other  ingridients.
We always look forward to weekends because  we get to eat  breakfast, lunch, and dinner together.  On the weekdays, hubby leaves early for work so I make breakfast for him and then make breakfast again when the kids wake up.  Breakfast here at home always include hot food, when I say hot, I mean cooked food.  We rarely eat cold cereal.  Hubby and the kids eat cereal for  snack sometimes.  

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