Monday, July 6, 2015

Grilled Salmon with Dill and Lemon

One of the  many goodies I receive in the box from Try the World is this Wadakan Ponzu Umami vinegar.  It is great for marinading seafood.  I wasn't sure how it would  taste like with salmon so the first time I used it, I incorporated  so,e kahlua beer and mirin together with the umami vinegar to may marinating sauce.  
 It turned out okay but the  mirin was over powering (I think I added too much, lol).  
Nevertheless, it  was a  yummy dinner for us.  Grilled salmon was served with  vegetable salad and fruits for dessert.

For the second time, I only used the Ponzi Umami vinegar to marinade the salmo.  I  put some fresh dills on top of the salmon when I was grilling them and it gave it a very fresh aroma.
 This came out great especially squeezing a  wedge of lemon before you eat it.  Yum!
 We love cucumbers when eating meat or fish.  Just chop it up, add  some  balsamic vinegar, sprinkle a bit of sugar, salt, and pepper, and add some ice cubes and it tatstes fantastic!
 I picked some green beans in the garden and quickly blanched it and our dinner was  a food one.
 If you have notice, most of  the dishes in this blog always  contain rice.  Yes, we eat rice almost everyday!  I just can't eliminate this carb from my diet.  If there's something that you can't eliminate from your diet, what is it?
Here's a little fact from wikipedia  about salmon. (Info credit source
The term "salmon" comes from the Latin salmo, which in turn may have originated from salire, meaning "to leap". The nine commercially important species of salmon occur in two genera. The genus Salmo contains the Atlantic salmon, found in the north Atlantic, as well as many species commonly named trout. The genus Oncorhynchus contains eight species which occur naturally only in the north Pacific. As a group, these are known as Pacific salmon. Chinook salmon have been introduced in New Zealand and Patagonia. Coho, Kokanee and Atlantic salmon have been established in Patagonia as well.

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Esme Sy said...

Looks really yummy! I'm ona strict diet and I can add this to my menu.

Nova said...

Salmon is very good fish to eat, as long as you know how to get rid of the smell on the fish you'll definitely enjoy it.

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