Saturday, December 6, 2014

Missing Achara

My husband  is craving for some  achara.  I don't have  anymore here  and  I don't see any kohlrabi at the stores around our area.  He said that he will drop by at Giant Eagle sometimes to get the Kohlrabi.
I didn't think that he would love the achara that I made  out of kohlrabi.  It was just n experiment for me to use the kohlrabi to imitate the achara that we have in the Philippines using Papaya.  I am thinking of ordering some seedling  online  to plant some kohlrabi in my garden next year..  It might be cheaper that way rather than buying the  gtown veggies from the store.  

4 delicious comments:

Rhodesia said...

I always grow our vegetables but I am not so sure it is that much cheaper. On the other hand they taste twice as good as the bought ones :-) Keep well Diane

mhie said...

That's interesting sis, can I ask a recipe? I would love to try one. I miss this food too.

Ria C said...

I haven't seen a kohlrabi before and I will research that for my info. I love achara. I like how it's sour and sweet at the same time and it surely goes well with barbecues! :)

Unknown said...

Wow looks yummy - to be honest I never even had one of these all my life, lol. But looks yum!

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