Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cookout - P365 # 158

I'd like to think that the foods below was eaten during a Holiday cottages Ireland (which I wish I could be) but I have never been there lol. Those foods were cooked by my SIL and NIL during one of our weekend cookouts at my FIL.
Homemade burgers with cheese on top, freshly grilled.  Chris specialty.
Bake beans, one of my favorites among Jen's  menus.
Shepherd pie and below is a potato salad.
June 9, 2011:
  • I woke up sweating this morning.  That's always happen when I have Ms. Lady Red with me on the first day, wahhh.  Last year, I celebrated my birthday with my  period  and now, again?  Oh well, part of womanhood so there's nothing we can do but to deal with it hehehe.
  • I made some  pancit last night for dinner, it's been a while since I last cook pancit so we all enjoyed it.  I also made some jello and  Ms. Burrito and I killed it for dessert lol.
  • I will be painting my planter today.  I planned to that yesterday but I wasn't able to.
  • I talked to my  sister  last night and found out that Mama wants to give her a party for her debut.  I told her that she's very lucky because my mother never really cared about my birthday.  I never had a debu party when I turned 18 or never had a birthday  party when I was growing up.    It sounds like I am jealous but what gets me is that they expect me to pay for the  expense hehehe.  I told my sister that I will give her a birthday  money but I advise her  not to spend it for a party.  I want her to learn about practicality in life.  If you can't afford it, don't do it.  I believe in saving money for future use.  I do however told her that I will be  buying  her a cake. I may sound unfair  to some of you but that's what I am.  I don't believe in parties just to have fun.  Being with the family  is what most important.  She told me that Mama wants to give her a party because she is envy of someone who throw a birthday bash in our place.  I told her  that  envy is not going to do any good but trouble.  If they can afford it why not, but since they can't, having a simple celebration with  just  the family is enough.
  • Okay enough of my rant, I don't want you to fall azzzzzleep reading my post lol.

19 delicious comments:

Luna Miranda said...

it's good advice you gave to your sister. don't spend the money that you don't have.:p

the baked beans got me craving for some. and the potato salad reminds me that i have chicken mac salad in the fridge. midnight snack!:p

Dhemz said...

sarap naman nang cookout...yum! present na pala sa lady red...ehehehe...advance happy birthday sis...luv yah!

imriz said...

happy bday rose:) wishing u more and more blessings each year.

:eldest kb sa inyo? thought ur reason for ur rantings was OK. my eldest daughter had her debut in dec. modesty aside, she was our eldest daughter, we could have spend a fortune on giving her a grand debut, but her insistence that grand parties were waste of money...we opted to have simple celebration sans cotillon, caterings, gowns...etc. daughter at 18 was kinda more "kuripot" than i am.

sHeNgKaY said...

..I agree mommy rose..if may budget why not..kong wala then be practical..ako din ganun..ang hirap na ng buhay..magparty party pa..hehehe..

jellybelly said...

Homemade burgers are the best kind in my opinion! Especially one dripping with cheese :)

Visiting from FTF!

[pinkc00kies] said...

Yummy homemade burger!! looks so meaty!

Cheerful said...

those foods looks really delicious...:) and happy birthday, all the best! your advise to your sister was really great, she might not understand it now but later on as she matured she will, you're a great sister! anyway, wishing you a great weekend and enjoy your birthday!

Newlyweds said...

happy birthday! love the homemade burger and potato salad! ; )

Anonymous said...

it's good to be practical nowadays..we can always save money if we want a big party..kaya lang nakakahinayang gastusin..visiting for FTF..Yummy Polvoron

Mama Mia said...

Sarap naman! Inggit ako! Buti na lang we have Inihaw na Liempo for dinner a little later. :D

kat said...

kakagutom dito, ang sasarap ng pagkain..anyway, happy bday Rose, tsaka sa advance happy bday na rin sa sis mo. well, im with you....kung ako sa kanya, maghanda lang sya ng para sa pamilya, simba, that's all...hehe

ay magka iba nga pala ang lasa ng durian at langka...ang durian malambot kainin at di kailangang kuyain ng ngipin, samantalang ang langka ay ngunguyain mong talaga...ang amoy naman ay malayo din...ang langka ay mabango na talaga...samantalang ang durian, pag hindi sanay, mabaho...hehehe

ay ang FTF ko nasa kat in the kitchen

lyzacruz88 said...

Wow! Great food!... here's mine

♥FoodTripFriday♥ said...

Those are a lot of foods!
I agree with your advise to her 100%, the problem with OUR relatives back home, (I hope you don't mind) just bec we are here, they thought money comes easy, it's easy for them to make plans and everything thinking that we always have the means to help them.
and I agree, if you have no money,don't do it. Huwag magbisyo kung walang pantustos, lol!

chubskulit said...

Exactly Willa!

Mel Alarilla said...

You are so right Rose and very practical too. Not that you envy your sis because your mama wants to give her a party on her eighteenth birthday but because they cannot afford it and they are planning to ask you to shoulder the whole expenses. Baka akala nila napupulot lang ang pera sa America. Hindi nila alam ang matinding pagsasakripisyo mo at pagtitipid mapadalhan mo lang sila nang pera. Yung pagpapaaral sa kapatid mo ay sobra sobra na. Mabuti at nakakuha ka nang asawang mabait at maunawain. Dapat nagipon din sila sa ipinapadala mo kung plano pala nilang mag party. Mabait ka talaga at generous kaya naman bini bless ka palagi ni Lord. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Maricel said...

First and foremost, the foods posted are great! Makes me hungry. >_<

Second, you are very much correct with the advice you gave your sister. I love birthday bashes as well, but if one can't afford it, it'd be best to maybe just cook some simple meals and enjoy it with the rest of the family.

Visiting from FTF! Here's mine: Chooks To Go - Rustan's Gateway

Clarissa said...

Minsan ganyan ang iniisip ng mga relatives natin back home-minsan binigyan mo na nga di pa magpapasalamat sa yo lol!hayzz...

purethoughts said...

mouth-watering! definitely! loved the baked beans and potato salad most of all..

sis, this is raya, and i have this blog given by a friend. paki follow naman o.. and here is my entry in this blog.hope you could visit.

Tetcha said...

Nothing beats good food shared with the ones you love. Happy FTF! Here's my entry:

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