Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goodies - P365 # 157

THese are the asian goodies that we bought when hubby and I dropped off the balibayan box we sent in the Philippines.
June 8, 2011:
  • I don't know why but I keep getting up early even if I want to sleep in in the morning .  Even though I go to bed late, I still woke up early.  Sign of aging? Lol.
  • The Burritos and Mr. K are still sleeping but I am wide awake since an hour ago.
  • We  are planning to get rid of the  concrete patio set that we have at the back so the kids will have a bigger place to  run their bikes with.  
  • I might do some more gardening today if they don't drag me to go somewhere lol.
  • Okidoci, will have a cup of Joe first, thanks everyone for dropping by.

7 delicious comments:

tinyskillet said...

That's a nice box of stuff! I'm eating a breakfast sandwich and sipping some coffee right now while I'm reading what your plans are. Storage is one of our biggest issues as well. Today is the staff's last day of school then we get our summer break too, and I am sure I will still be waking up early too even though I want to sleep in!!!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

I love nagaraya pero yon butter flavor lang para not too salty to eat.

notebook said...

I have added your link in my Link list. Please check it and add mine too, thank's before

EnAirRaH said...

Hmmm, mukhang may party sa birthday Ate Rose ah, sign of excitement yan. Hehehe

Dhemz said...

dami naman...penge po...ehehehe...hubby bought some pinoy goodies when he went to cali...:)

Shengkay said...

same with mommy mona..i love nagaray..pahingi..

Mel Alarilla said...

You still have cravings for Pinoy foods, hehehe. You really will not get over what you enjoyed for most part of your life. I really get a kick when Pinoys will sometimes prefer chocnuts than American chocolates, hehehe. As people grow older, they can do with less sleep at night. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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