Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Dinner

We had a simple Father's Day celebration.  We started the day by giving  hubby  the crafts we made for him  then I cooked   as Japanese style  pancake, a savory one.  Then we went to church  after at noon and  visited my father-in-law afterwards.  We decided to go to Eat and Park to have our dinner.
 The little Miss ordered a garden salad.  I wish that my son would order something  healthier and different rather than Mac and Cheese or Grilled cheese, sigh.
Hubby had a chicken Parmesan with a salad.  I always had the Nantucket cod with rice and broccoli. 
I was going to prepare a nice dinner but we stayed a little bit longer at Dad's that we decided to just  eat dinner  at the restaurant.  We seldom dine out so it was a  good opportunity.   Besides, it gave me a break from the kitchen.  It was  a great dinner and we all enjoyed it.

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