Friday, June 19, 2015

1890 Kitchen

When we had the chance to visit the Brooke County Historical Museum in Wellsburg, WV, The very first thing that were attracted to  is this  1890 kitchen display.  It's pretty neat  to see how the kitchen in 1800s looked like.
 Even   those  era, the kitchen here in the United States is still supermodern compared to the 1900s that  I have een in my country lol.
I mean, look at it, it  looks modern already.  Well, at least  from my standard because growing up, I have never seen these stuff in the place where I grew up.
 Even my daughter find it really neat.
If you want to see  kitchen styles back then, you should visit this museum, they really9 have  classic display of things from way back in  1800s.  

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