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My Own Version of Quinoa Pilaf + Recipe

Supergrain of the Future is what they call  quinoa, it's a complete source of protien.  I like that it is nutient-rich and very versatile to prepare.  This makes a great substitute for pasta, rice, or couscos.  This is great in salad and soup, as a side dish, or as a hearty main course.

Quinoa is something that I shy away from making because I don't know the product.  But after seeing recipes from blogs, I gave it a try.  I bought a box  of this traditional  gluten-free quinoa and tried to   make  the  recipe that comes in the box.  When I cook, I don't exactly  follow the exact recipe, I change ingredients, I cook what is available in my pantry/fridge.  For the first time I cooked half of the box (there's only 2 and 1/4 up of quinoa in this box), here's what I prepared.
  •  kale, sliced thinly
  • Green beans, freshly picked
  • I/2 cup carrots, diced
  • 1/4 cup celery. diced
  • 1 green roma tomato, diced
  • scallions, chopped
  • 2 cups cooked quinoa
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1/4 rap oregano
  • Salt and pepper to taste 
  • 1 cup of sliced almond (I did not put almond as I didn't have it)
  • Argan oil, optional


  • In a 1 ans 1/2 saucepan, add 1 cup of traditional quinoa and 2 cups of water,  Bring to a boil.  Reduce to simmer, cover and cook until all water is  absorbed.  You will know when the quinoa is done when you  the germ ring  along the outside of the grain and it's soft and translucent.

  • In a pan, saute vegetables in  olive oil until crisp. Stir in oregano.  Sprinkle salt and peper.
  • Add cooked quinoa and mix well.  Salt to taste and finish it off with few drizzle of culinary  argan oil

 We ate it with the pan fried  turkey sausage, it was delicious!  Surprisingly, I thought the kids and hubby will just take a few bits and they will say "It's alright" but they liked it!  I thought it could use  a little flavoring to elevate the taste.
Since we all like the first time I made the  quinoa, I decided to make the rest of the quinoa in the box today but I altered the ingredients once again.  I told you, whatever is   available in my  fridge that's what I use when I cook, lol.

  •  1/4 cup yellow bell pepper
  • 1/4 cup red bell pepper
  • 1/4 cup ornage bell pepper
  • 1 cup thinly sliced kale
  • 1 small shallots, diced
  • 4 link sausages, browned
  • 1 cup  thinlysliced beans
  • 1/2 cup eggplant
  • a small piece of ginger, chopped
  • maggi seasoning
  • rgan oil
  • salt and pepper

 Instead of olive oil, I  sauteed the veggies in a pan where I browned the  sausages.  It's  grease add so much flavor to the veggies.  I added some maggi seasoning after I sauteed the  veggies.  I like my veggies crunchy so I only sauteed it for 5 minutes.
 Finish it off with an argan oil.
 The kids said that incorporating the link sausages in it  is so much bette than  a separate  turkey sausages.
So that is for  my  successful ittle adventure with quinoa.  I might  buy again or I might not, depending if my family is craving for it.  I think I can eat  this dish once a week.  It's easy to prepare and it's delicious.  I just wish it's not too expensive.  This small box cost almost $5.  If youthink about it though, it's not  that much  cnsidering that I made two  separate dishes out of a small box.  I am ju0st comparing the price I guess to other commodities.  

25 delicious comments:

Sherryl Quianzon said...

This recipe is inviting. The ingredients can be found in our pantry. I'd like to try this one. Especially that this is a healthy food. Good for the family!

Elizabeth O. said...

That looks delicious. I've never tried quinoa, but I read somewhere that this is great when you are trying to lose weight. I need to try this.

Cherry said...

Looks so healthy and yummy, sis. Try ko nga next time, nag expire na yung organic quinoa binili ko kasi di ko alam pano iluto hehehe.

betchai said...

they both look yummy Rose, I love quinoa since it can be mixed with any vegetables, we eat it almost everyday except when I crave for rice, haha!!

Unknown said...

Congrats sis! I'm like you, kinda afraid to touch it because I have no idea how to! I've been introduced to it through salads but to be honest, did not find it too appealing so it was never in my radar screen when grocery shopping.

I like your recipe where you added the maggi flavoring and the sausages to add more flavor to the dish!

Nova said...

the food you made looks delicious, it might be new to be but surely I'll definitely try it.

papaleng said...

Malay ko sa dish na ito. first time hear about quinoa. But your dish looks inviting.

Joanne T Ferguson said...

How delicious does your recipe and photo look! I must admit, I have never cooked with quinoa before, but it certainly sounds like a superfood that would be healthy for me! This would make for such a great side salad to bring to friends at a summer BBQ!

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Ypu pilaf is intriguing and totally different from mine which had a variety of grains and currants and leeks. Can't wait to try your twist

Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle said...

That looks delicious! I love all of the vegetables you added. That's the tastiest looking healthy dish I've seen in a while.

Taty said...

You are just enhancing the already amazing Quinoa in a great way. Thanks for the inspiration

Sandy Segur said...

I really like how you changed your ingredients up. I like how you prepared it. I too will use what I have in my kitchen to make a recipe. Many times changes ingredients or something up.

RUSS said...

I have not tried Quinoas in soup but have used it in salads and as part of a main course - to substitute rice. I have yet to read more about its health benefits and hopefully I'd be able to incorporate more of it in my diet. I'll try your recipe soon.

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

They way you prepared the quinoa was a meal in itself. Thanks for the recipe. It made the healthy quinoa even healthier.

Six Time Mommy TEST said...

Yum this looks amazing. I've never had pilaf before, but I am on a nice quinoa kick so I'm sure I'd love this! - Jeanine

ourfamilyworld said...

That looks yummy. I have heard how healthy quinoa is, but I haven't tried it, yet. I need to get quinoa on my next trip to the grocery.

Christy G said...

I am with you. Ive been scared to try Quinoa . I just don't know what to expect when I try it. Is it like a rice, pea, veggie, bean. I just started using smoothies, I'm trying to get more veggies and fruits.

HilLesha O'Nan said...

How delicious! I certainly don't eat quinoa much as I would love to, but it is really good.

Rebecca Swenor said...

This really looks so good and even sound delicious. I will have to try this recipe for sure. I have never used a green tomato in a recipe yet. Thanks for sharing.

mail4rosey said...

I use whatever's in the refrigerator too. You've thought up good ideas for quinoa. We like it here too.

Bonnie G said...

I bought a lot of quinoa a couple of weeks ago and have been wondering what to make with it. Thanks for sharing this.

Kristen said...

What a great way to use quinoa! I have been making it a lot lately, and my kids seem to love it.

Coach Donna Ward said...

This looks wonderfully healthy and yummy - your images are beautiful and thank you for the recipe - I don't really know how to cook or use quinoa - very helpfu - thank you

krystal said...

Quinoa is my new favorite. I'm going to need to give this recipe a try.

Unknown said...

I love quinoa but have never made it myself. I really love the bright colors that you added to the quinoa. Those vibrant colors and fresh flavors make the quinoa even more appealing to me.

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