Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Modern Wicker Deep Seating Loveseat Set

During our mini road trip last weekend, one of the  beautiful  establishments we've looked ta is the  Arts on Broadway display  in ugarcreek.  I even liked the  outdoor  furniture that they have displayed in the front.  I did not take pictures inside though, I did not know if it's allowed there but that was a regret for me  not to take any photos as the arts  are gorgeous!
If I have a big patio or deck, this modern Wicker deep seating Loveseat set is what I would like to have.  I have seen this at  This would be great for a relaxing time with family  outdoors.  Now that summer is on it's peak, outdoor is where we spend most of our time with.   We dp a lot of  outdoor activity as a family and it has been  fun!
Hubby has been looking for a larger home for us but unfortunately, the ones that we liked is not affordable.  Right now, we are focusing on  paying off our  loans (car and home) so that we can  afford to get a bigger home loan.  I am a bit worried  because hubby is having a hard time at his job so  we might  change plans for the future.  Moving back to the Philippines is one option for us, my kids doesn't like the idea but I would love to!

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