Friday, December 12, 2014

Celebratory Dinner at Eat n' Park

We did not get out of Duquesne till  three pm so we were all   hungry.  We decided to drop by at Eat n' Park by Robinson  and  had a simple celebratory dinner.  Daughter's first performance was a success so we  dined out.  

With all the  expenses for the holidays, we seldom go out and eat because it is expensive but if there's a special occasion, we do try to go out and eat.  I pretty much  order the same food  when I go out because it is something that I normally cook.

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Diane said...

Oh I always order something totally different when we go out and something I do not normally eat, much more fun :-) Have a great Christmas and New Year we will be away until January. Take care Diane

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